What do people expect from their own running!

The old saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”
From 5k to 21k (in my case)

I am fast, I am slow,
Sometimes my legs just won’t go,
Not enough training, not enough sleep,
NO.. for me it’s all about staying on my feet.

Driving a car with the handbrake on,
That is my running it takes me so long,
Dragging my leg that does not bend,
But that is my running until the end.

Most people have 2 same feet,
for me that would mean defeat.
I look slim, I look fit,
But most of the time I feel a misfit.

Walk or run, I do achieve, Not that easy but I have to believe,
The pain, the discomfort and the endless stops.
There is however a way and a means,
And NO I am not injured, I just have to get on.

Slow or fast, I am never last.
With a part paralysed right side and a leg that won’t run,
I won’t give up until the job is done.

“life and running with cerebral palsy” . And saved by Alice Holt parkrun