Club Kit

Photographs of the current Alton Runners kit have been added to the website, together with prices - see below.

Most items are available in S, M, L & XL.  Hoodies can be purchased up to 3XL.

We hold a small stock of long-sleeve tops, up to XL in both Women's and Men's sizes.  Depending on demand we may place a further order in time for the next winter race season.

There are still a few items from last season's style that we are selling at the bargain price of £5.00 each:  Women's vests M & XL, Women's T-shirt M.

Contact Jane Law via to order kit.  Payment is via card machine.

please contact Jane for details.



Vests £16


Tee Shirts £18

Tee Shirts


Long Sleeved Tops £24


Hoodies £30


Buffs £3. Beanie hats £5

We are currently investigating the addition of a showerproof jacket to club kit, particularly ahead of the cross country and HRRL season when many races take place in the colder months. The price is estimated to be approximately £45.00 each.  Let us know by emailing if this is something you’d be interested in purchasing (responses by 14/07/2023).  We will make a decision based on Members’ feedback.

Here is an image of a style of jacket that would be colour matched to Alton Runners club colours.