Great Turn Out at Lord Wandsworth Southern Cross Country


Congratulations to all those who ran on Sunday.

•    We had a total of 33! runners at Lord Wandsworth, consisting of 22 men and 11 women.

•    The men's team came 5th, which coincidentally is the same place James Perrett came for the men!

•    The women's team came 7th, which is a massive improvement on the first two races, where we came 14th & 12th!  We definitely had a boost from Molly and Lola!!

•    Overall, we came 4th out of 23 teams.

It's not all about places (but it is fun to beat other teams...) - the most important thing is going out and having fun!  We hope everyone enjoyed it, even if it wasn't the usual mud fest !! 

We have 11 runners who have completed all 3 races so're in for a treat if you can keep it up!

The next race is our very own at Chawton House on 22 January 2023.