Alton Lions working with Alton Runners - by John Mill, Alton Lions


Alton Lions have been providing marshals for the Alton Runners 10 mile Race for more than 30 years. The safety of the Runners is paramount in the marshalling of the event and although the race is held on a Sunday morning, roads traffic tends to build up quite quickly with people going to church and many other activities. Alton Runners Club and Alton Lions work closely together in the planning stages to make the event as safe and enjoyable as possible, despite there usually being other road users such as cyclists also having some kind of competitive event in the area.

Alton Lions provided 30 Marshals around the 2024 course. We also support the event by assisting with marshalling of the  car parking. Many of these marshals have previously taken part in the event but also newer Lions members attended, this also included Lions supporters and volunteers. The newer marshals are paired with more experienced marshals to help them learn the ropes. All marshals receive comprehensive instructions about their marshalling point including safety issues and the control measures. In addition each marshal receives a safety briefing immediately prior to the event to account for any last minute changes. Alton Runners and Alton Lions liaise closely with the third party paramedic team to ensure that any medical issues are dealt with promptly. Route Signage and communications via mobile phone and radio are constantly reviewed and tested. Road conditions such as potholes and roads works are also monitored. Alton Lions are delighted to have been able to support this long standing joint activity again this year.

John Mill

Alton Lions